Άρωμα Δρυός - Δραστηριότητες Πεζοπορία


Take a deep breath, feel the fresh air, quench your thirst with cool water from the mountain springs. With an organized hiking tour or as a solo explorer, don’t miss the chance to enjoy the unique views and discover the unspoiled nature around Metsovo but first of all follow “Ursa Trail”.

“Ursa Trail” is a 40-km long, hiking path around the city of Metsovo, suitable for almost all year-round hiking and there is also a major trail running event held annually.

In 2016, “Ursa Trail” was awarded the Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe certification by the European Ramblers’ Association, establishing Metsovo as one of the leading hiking destinations in Europe.


One of top ski destinations in Greece! If you are visiting Metsovo in winter don’t forget to bring your ski equipment with you. There are 3 ski resorts, 5- 15 minutes away, depending on the difficulty of the slopes that can satisfy everyone. Snowmobile is another wonderful experience to live!

Άρωμα Δρυός - Δραστηριότητες Σκι
Άρωμα Δρυός - Δρασηριότητες Ιππασία

Horse Riding

Whoever wants to make a unique trip, should do nothing more than try a horse ride in the dense forests of Metsovo. The most ideal route for you to enjoy a ride horse is the plateau Politses and perimetrically of the artificial Aoos Springs lake. You will go through streams that all lead to the lake, go into dense forests and pass by bridges. The best seasons are summer and spring, as snow melts and there is plenty of water everywhere.


The most ideal route for you to enjoy a ride by your bike is perimetrically of the artificial Aoos Springs lake. It is a route that is longer than 30 km and it is right beside the lake. Private and personalized excursions can be made a unique biking experience. You can also rent e-bikes, with which everyone can enjoy the route, without particular physical condition.

Άρωμα Δρυός - Δραστηριότητες Ποδηλασία
Άρωμα Δρυός - Δραστηριότητες Ράφτινγκ


If you are a fan of adventure and water sports then Rafting and canyoning will surely fascinate you! Rafting is fun activity for experienced and non experienced children and adults who want to have an unforgettable experience.
Canyoning is the ultimate outdoor activity for many extreme sports enthusiasts as it combines trekking through a wild landscape, swimming in the river and rappelling down in a waterfall using special equipment.

4x4 Excursions

Make the ultimate trip in the mountains of Pindus. Escape from everyday life and discover the beauty of the magnificent mountain range of the country that holds your images will never forget.

Walk through Drakolimnes, peaks, gorges and rivers, visit bridges and traditional settlements, collect mushrooms with us in the best mushroom sites and have fun at the events we will encounter on each trip. The movement is done with our 4×4 jeeps, but group of friends with their own properly equipped vehicles can also participate.

Άρωμα Δρυός - Δραστηριότητες 4x4
Άρωμα Δρυός - Δρασηριότητες Μανιτάρια

Collect mushrooms

Metsovo is a popular destination for mushroom lovers, as all edible mushroom and truffle species can be found here. Its dense beech forests and high elevations attract mycophiles even in the summer. Follow a group excursion and feel the excitement.

Wine tasting

If you’re a wine lover and visiting Metsovo, Katogi Averoff winery is a must see. Located on the original site founded by Evangelos Averoff in 1959, this wine tasting is not to be missed.

Nearby Destinations

When you stay in Metsovo you are in the heart of Pindus, from where you can visit all the important places to see!

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