Άρωμα Δρυός - Lobby Bar

Lobby - Bar

We welcome our guests in a warm atmosphere.

The unique hand curved ceiling, the precious local embroideries and the stoned fireplace, give credit to timeless tradition. Enjoy the view, listen to lounge music, relax and feel the worth of our hospitality.


Our Greek breakfast will win your heart!

Imagine waking up with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, baked bread, croissants and cakes served with local butter and honey, homemade marmalade, sweets and chutneys. Travel your senses between our famous local products, savory and sweet choices and explore the gastronomy of this place.

Our hotel has been awarded for Greek breakfast and offers a range of high quality, certified products. Enjoy it next to our cosy fireplace or on our terrace during summer and start your day with pure pleasure, positive mood and a big smile.

Άρωμα Δρυός - Ελληνικό Πρωινό

Άρωμα Δρυός - Lobby Πρωϊνό

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Katogi Averoff White

Άρωμα Δρυός - Κατώγι Λευκό

Dry White Varietal Wine

Golden straw colour, a pleasant, youthful character, showing fruity, floral aromas, combining a cool acidity and a structured mouth.

Katogi Averoff Rose

Άρωμα Δρυός - Κατώγι Ροζέ

Demi Sec Rose Varietal Wine

Soft rosy pink colour, floral and red-fruit aromatics redolent with cherry and strawberry. Stands out for its subtle, balanced taste and satisfying aftertaste.

Katogi Averoff Red

Άρωμα Δρυός - Κατώγι Ερυθρός

Dry Red Varietal Wine

A complex, translucent red, with deep, attractive highlights. Red-fruit aromas, with notes of spice and leather on the nose. A balanced wine, with a smooth, full mouth feel, culminating in a long, fulfilling aftertaste.

Inima Athiri Assyrtiko

Άρωμα Δρυός - Inima Αθήρι

Dry White Varietal Wine

Bright light yellow colour. Floral and citrus aromas in the nose. Crisp mouth feel, with good acidity; oily, with very good aftertaste.

Inima Xinomavro

Άρωμα Δρυός - Inima Ξινόμαυρο

Dry Red Wine – Protected Denomination of Origin Naoussa

Bright ruby-red with hints of purple. Aromas of red fruit and spice in the nose, with hints of violet and liquorice. Immediately apparent but smooth tannins; acidity, which helps this wine keep its crisp freshness for years; complex structure. An extraordinary wine with remarkable aftertaste.

Alba di Munte

Άρωμα Δρυός - Alba di Munte

Dry White Wine – Protected Geographical Indication Metsovo

Bright golden yellow colour. Seducing nose, with strong aromas of white fruit, flowers and spice. Full in the mouth, with a pleasant acidity and aromatic aftertaste.

Flogero 2015

Άρωμα Δρυός - Φλογερό

Protected Geographical Indication Metsovo

A deep red colour with purple tints. A light aroma of oak harmoniously matched with the aroma of the variety and the typical nose of reductive ageing.

Rossiu di Munte Yiniets

Άρωμα Δρυός - Rossiu di Munte

Dry Red Wine – Protected Geographical Indication Metsovo

Dark red with a purple sheen. The bouquet is redolent with the varietal aromas, perfectly fused with hints of leather, sweet spices and roasted coffee. Full-bodied, with a range of rich tannins. Fine tannic structure that will permit long ageing.

Inima Negoska

Άρωμα Δρυός - Inima Νεγκόσκα

Dry Red Varietal Wine

Scarlet, with blackcurrant tinges. Aromatic on the nose, showing hints of red fruit, with raspberry and blueberry to the fore, combined with earthy notes. Youthful and full in the mouth, aromatic, elegant, with pleasant acidity, eloquent. A wine of fascinating personality and bold fruity aftertaste.